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heat sink for pcb board

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The Inverter Heat Sink, manufactured and supplied by us, efficiently transfers heat generated within a solid material or a fluid medium, such as air or a liquid. Our Inverter Heat Sink basically uses the extended surfaces to increase the surface area in contact with, for example, the air, thus ensuring high performance.
We are offering different types of inverter heat sink such as:
· Heat Sink for Inverter
· Higher KVA Inverter Heat Sink
· Hollow Type Heat Sink
· Regulator Pin Type Heat Sink
· Common aluminum alloy used for extrusion: 6063, 98.9 % aluminum
· Common Temper : T5
· Can be made in various tempers
· Is relatively low in cost
· Coef. Thermal Expansion 13X10-6 inch/inch
· Thermal conductivity 209 W/MK
· Electrical Resistivity 3.1 X 10-6 ohm – CM
· Melting temp 616 C
· Density 2.7 g/cc
· Tensile strength, yield 145Mpa
Used For:
· Removing unwanted heat from a device to keep it from overheating